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~ J.R., RN

On 10/23/08, my MRI demonstrated large disc hemiation and compression resulting in edema at level of L3-L4., as well as L4-L5 hemiation. I received chiropractic care with Dr. Bisogni with great resolution of my symptoms. For an unrelated issue, I required another MRI of my lumbar spine. I provided the radiologist with the disc which had the original films of my MRI from 10/23/08 for comparison. The MRI of 9/16/09 Showed: “Significant decrease in size of herniations since previous study…14- L5 is no Longer demonstrated, there is a disc bulging, decrease in size of disc herniation at L3-L4” For those patients who do not subscribe to the belief that chiropractic care can truly help, and in a non-invasive way, This to me is the best proof!”View »